• Mommy Detox *Limited Time Release*


    Happy Mother’s Day! We’ve put together these great BAG-ettes for y’all! 

    We have two for you to choose from. 

    Mommy Detox is our Detox Gift Bag for everyone that wants a good detox after the harsh winter. We filled our goodie bag with the Ugly Mug Face Masque, Chomper Cleaner & our travel size Skin Dirt. Help her wash the day away with our Detox BAG-ette.(*regretfully bag does not come with wine, but we believe would pair nicely with a full bodied red) 

    Each BAG-ette comes in our Gobal Free Set Bag where 100% of the bag proceeds go to helping employ women who have been rescued from human trafficking. We very much believe in this cause and are committed to helping in any way we can. As well as helping these women gain their independence, their bags are sturdy, reusable and very cute. 

    Each BAGette bundle is approx 20% off of the products plus the price of the bag. 

    *Limited Time Release* Available until May 31st, 2018