• Ugly Mug Detox Masque


    In keeping with the Hunter Brookes mantra this face masque has no filler or preservatives and was created with 100% all natural ingredients. Made from 2 of the strongest detoxing agents on the planet, Activated Charcoal made from Virgin coconut shells and Wyoming Sodium Bentonite Clay, this mask will eliminate problem areas anywhere on your body. The Coconut Oil is also 'Wet Milled' to ensure that this mask doesn't strip your skin of essential hydration as it detoxes and helps remove any bacteria, fungus or viruses. As a toner and pH balancer we included Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother to brighten, tone and even out sun spots your skin. The amino acids in Apple Cider Vinegar will shluff off and dry or dull skin. We have also added Lavender EO to help calm any redness, roscea or broken capillaries. 

    Please note that no matter how much Lavender we add, it's still never going to completely cover the smell of the Apple Cider Vinegar which I feel is essential for pH balance in any mask that you are going to leave on any body part for an extended period of time. She smells potent, because she is and she works well, no getting around that. It rinses clean and after over a years of product developement on this I am so happy to share this mask with you all!!