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Laurie P.

 "I absolutely love skin dirt body scrub! I have very sensitive skin and  am careful with any product I use. I've used this Activated Charcoal scrub a couple times  already and it makes my skin so soft and smooth with absolutely  no irritation! I've purchased a couple other items also and love them  just as much. The A-Tone-Ment facial toner is amazing! I'm addicted! I'm  so happy to have stumbled upon these products while recently visiting  Charleston SC. The organic skin care/natural ingredients  and quality of the products is are outstanding! I'm a very happy,  satisfied customer!”

Hayley L.

  "I forgot to order for a few months & my face was not happy! Within  the first couple of days, my skin cleared up a bit and felt much better!"  


 "...I love  this stuff! But I have to confess, I cheated! After some changes in life  (Hunter you may remember me from our few encounters at the Charleston  market! My husband was back and forth because of kidney failure. I donated my kidney to him in  December 2018) , I decided to try something cheaper, what a mistake that  was. For the last 5 months I have tried numerous different products and  my face continuously got worse. Break out after breakout! The red, dry face! Finally I decided that I was wasting  more money on products that didn't work than I would have had I just  bought Skin Dirt in the first place. I have been using Skin Dirt (again)  now for three days, it has not only moisturized my skin back to health- the other products made it horribly dry- it has  already started clearing up the mess of breakouts I created when I  strayed from skin dirt. I will never stray again! Worth every single  penny." 

Donna G.

   "My husband is very picky about his toothpaste. We got this at the Market  in downtown Charleston last spring at their booth. I started using it  and then my husband tried it. Now we are down the last crumbs in our  second container. We were in Charleston last week and they were not at the Market on the day we  were there around midday to get a new supply so I am online ordering  some more. My husband asked to get it ordered soon. It whitens and just  makes your teeth look and feel so good."  

Jessica Soules

"I am blown away with the results I have seen from using these products,  but specifically this mask. I’m usually not the type to leave reviews  unless it’s something that has impacted me significantly so the  fact that I’m leaving a review should hopefully speak volumes. I have  very fair skin thats extremely sensitive. In the winter I struggle with  dry, flakey skin that cracks. This mask has been amazing! I feel my skin  absorbing all the nutrients and when I rinse  it off I’m left with bright & soothed skin. Seriously the best mask  I have ever used and am getting it for my mother and sister for the  holidays. It’s been a lifesaver!" 

Laurie P.

 "I first discovered A-Tone-Ment while vacationing in Charleston SC about 3  weeks ago. Since then I've been using it every day. I use it after I  wash my face and then apply my serum and moisturizer once it completely  dries. It works so well for my sensitive skin. My face is so soft, even  toned and gives a nice healthy glow. I'm placing another order for 2  more bottles today... please don't ever stop making this wonderful skin  gem!"


 "I absolutely LOVE this facial exfoliating scrub. Always repurchase this  stuff. It’s my ride or die. gentle yet effective. And really works on my  sensitive acne prone skin. I see and feel the difference!!!  Also one tub lasts and lasts. Took me a year to finish the last one.  Everything about this is perfect. "

Carla T

" Met the Owner in Charleston S.C. She had great skin, tried a couple of  things.. I am now HOOKED...Face Dirt is amazing and my day to day... all  of the products are wonderful... I can never use toothpaste again....  white smile and fresh clean breath...LOVE THIS STUFF!!! "